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Goal: To educate the people about the products I sell.  Safety is my number 1 Priority

 LETS TALK ABOUT PETS WAS CREATED...... because of my cat Felix. He inspired me to start this company. I got him in 2004 and when he was a year old I found out he had HEART DISEASE. My vet Anchor Animal Hospital told me that he would only live a year. I then took him to Angell Memorial in Boston. They also said he only had a year to live. Anchor Animal Hospital worked with Angell Memorial on all the medical aspects of his health. Then I though maybe if I put him on a better quality diet it would help him. I started researching food and found a supplement that had vitamins for the heart. He lived an additional 4 years happy and healthy. He passed away in 2009. I believe that with the homecare and the medical care from Anchor Animal Hospital it really helped. Now, I would like to pass the information I learned along the way to my clients. Let me help you and your pet with your everyday homecare needs!! Remember yearly check ups with your local vet is a must. The sooner you can catch a problem the better!!



 Let’s Talk About Pets Llc.

Lori Mouco / Pet Consultant

Important Examples:


1.                  Only Leather Leashes and Collars / Pg 7 of catalog – Leather leashes and collars with the belt buckle are very safe and durable.  Other collars with plastic fasteners that clip the collar together can come apart or break.  You end up with a leash and collar in your hand and no dog at the end of it.  (It happened to me)

2.                  Water Bottle and Solar Reflective Canopy For Crates / Pg 8 of catalog – When traveling your pet should always have water and protection from the sun readily available especially in warmer climates.  Pets can dehydrate, get a sun burn, and suffer from heat exhaustion just like we can.

3.                  Always stainless Steel or Ceramic Bowls / Pg 19 of catalog – These bowls are sanitary and easy to wash.  Plastic bowls can hold germs and bacteria which can cause your pet to have skin problems.

4.                  Raised Food Bowls / Pg 19 of catalog – They help improve your pets’ digestion, maintain good posture, and help reduce strain on their back and neck.

 5.                  Shark Steam Mop / Pg 36 of catalog – Cleans and sanitizes your floor without the use of chemicals which can be harmful to your pet.

 6.                  Cat toys (with catnip & without) / Pgs 30 - 32 – They both are great toys and cats are always attracted to their shapes or texture.  If your cat has allergies, a heart condition, or any health problems you should ask your vet before giving your cat catnip.

 7.                  Healthy Food & Treats / Dog treats Pg 13/ Cat treats Pg 26 of catalog – It’s important to your pet to eat healthy and get the proper nutrition throughout their stages of life.  Dry food and teats is great for pet’s dental hygiene.  It keeps their teeth cleaner and stronger than wet food.  But, wet food does make a wonderful treat.  If your pet is on a vet prescribed diet, then they should remain on it until the vet says otherwise.

8.                  Dog Toys / Pg 21 of catalog – Toys, are not just toys, they have a purpose.  Example:  The kong is a chew toy and it’s great for mental stimulation. (It’s like a puzzle they have to figure out how to get the treat out).  The Tuffy Boomerang is not a chew toy; your dog will chew it up.  This toy is great fetch toy for exercising your pet.



Improving the lives of pets & their people and having

A solid foundation helps make a better future!

 Veterinarian Referrals 

 Physicals – Your pet should always go to their yearly check up and be up to date on his or her shots.

 Basic Vital Signs – During your next vet visit ask your vet about basic vital signs.  This is always great to know; if something is wrong with your pet you can catch it right away and bring them to the vet as soon as possible.

 Pet Insurance – Ask your vet about insurance and how to sign up.

 Micro Chip – is great to have on your dog or cat.  If they ever get lost this is a great way to find them.


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