Let's Talk About Pets LLC

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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Let's Talk About Pets was created......

because of my cat Felix. He inspired me to start this company. I got him in 2004 and when he was a year old I found out he had HEART DISEASE. My vet Anchor Animal Hospital told me that he would only live a year. I then took him to Angell Memorial in Boston for a 2nd opinion. They said he only had a year to live. Anchor Animal Hospital worked with Angell Memorial on all the medical aspects of his health. Then I thought maybe if I put him on a better quality diet it would help him. I started researching food and found a supplement that had vitamins for the heart. I changed everything and he lived an additional 4 years happy and healthy. He passed away in 2009. He didn't pass from what the vet told me would happen. I believe that with the every day home-care and the medical care from Anchor Animal Hospital it really helped. Now, I would like to pass the information I learned along the way to my clients. Let me help you and your pet with your everyday home-care needs!! Remember yearly check ups with your local vet is a must. The sooner you can catch a problem the better!!

My Goal

I guide you through the different stages of your pets life. Making sure they have the proper nutrition and vitamins along the way.
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