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My friend & I re-vamp old furniture into space saving pet stations.  We started this because people need places to store their pets things and why not have

"an all in" one stylish pet station. Also, your pet would love to have a space of their own too.

We do have a couple of regular furniture pieces for the home. 



Furniture For People:




Furniture For Pets:


Space Saving Cat Station: 


This wonderful solid wood space saving cat station is multi functional.

It has a draw for storage of cat toys & treat.

Comes with a plush cat bed.

On wheels for easy relocation.

In the summer wheel it to an open window for the cat to get fresh air

while keeping cool on this beautiful tile.

Also,  if you have a small dog that likes to eat your cats food you can

always put the food dish on top.  Easy to clean.

Looks are deceiving, a 13lb cat can fit in this bed.

Stop in today for your one of a kind cat station!! 



Space Saving Dog Station (water & food bowl will be attached to the  side of the station): Note - A beautiful matching wall hanging piece is in the process of being made.  It will have a cookie jar, hooks for leashes and chalkboard/ cork board to list vet appointments or other reminders for your pet.  Keep checking back for photo.




This beautiful space saving dog station has:

A draw and shelf for storage

Comes with this USA MADE dog bed 

Will have attached food / water bowl on the side 






              FOOD BRANDS!!





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