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Fabulous product line, short ingredient list, and MADE IN USA!  

The ingredient list on the Hypo-allergenic one is as follows:  Purified water, extra-mild renewable coconut-based cleansers, aloe, xanthan gum and olive oil squalene (preservative) 

This makes it the number 1 choice for dogs with allergies or dry skin.  However, it works great on all dogs!

Dental Care

Help prevent gingivitis because it could lead to diseases such as HEART DISEASE.  We offer teeth brushing or an oral cleansing system.  These are a specialty add-ons in addition to the regular grooming appointment.  Ask about dental care today 508-965-1954

Essential Oils

We offer essential oil remedies for your pup during spa day. There are remedies such as flea & tick, stress relief, and more.  This is a natural healthy way of living rather than pills or other things.  It's a specialty add-on in addition to the regular grooming appointment. When you add this on to your appointment it includes a remedy to take home.  The best part is you can use it too!